Myles Amador

The Foundation and its programs have been a huge part of Myles’ life and his family’s life for generations. His great aunt was a camper in the ’60s as well as his grandma. Myles’ mom used to go to camp for a month out of every summer when she was in high school. His aunt worked as a counselor and then as a Canyon Club Director. Myles and his brother were both campers at Singing Hills and Echo Valley and worked as staff.  His sister was not a camper but she was on Work Crew two summers ago and loved it.  Myles and his family have been greatly influenced by the H. E. Butt Foundation, whether it was as a camper at LLYC and LLFC, or as being part of the staff.

Myles feels his life has been driven forward in his relationship with Jesus because of the Foundation and all of its efforts. Myles shared the following: “I am beyond excited and anticipatory of all that I will do this year, and all that I will learn. I could not ask for a more divinely gifted and promising place to be a part of.”

Outdoor School is excited to have Myles on the team. Myles brings with him an infectious excitement, and has demonstrated over the last couple years a deep commitment to service. Myles confirmed his abilities by creating great experiences for kids as one of the Canyon Club Directors Summer 2017.